AGENDA October 2017 and Marc Mennigmann – The Hands Project

Marc Mennigmann | | November 10, 2017

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“When I was at the Warwick Bass Camp 2016 I met Kaylene Peoples, a recording artist and Editor in Chief of Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine AGENDA. We did a nice interview which was released in the first monthly print issue of the Magazine, October 2017. Here is the complete interview.”  Marc Mennigmann, The Hands Project


From the magazine:


Interviewed by Kaylene Peoples | Responses by Marc Mennigmann

Photographer Marc Mennigmann from Isalon, Germany, documents in the rare medium of black and white film. He uses a Leica Mononchrom, which is not only a complex camera, but is known for its rich optics that cater to alternative mediums in photography. Mennigmann chooses to spend his time capturing his subjects in their rawest form, bringing out their essence and exposing a vintage grittiness only seen in rare instances today with the explosion of digital color photography. A purist in the deepest sense, he has started a project called HANDS. Marc has spent hours photographing the hands of famous musicians around the world, and the simplicity of a black and white photograph does his subjects the most justice.

(This article includes the hands of Bunny Brunel)

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