Chase Masterson Representing at Vienna Comic Con 2017

Chase Masterson is known for her iconic role in Star Trek Deep Space 9 as sexy Leeta. She was the voice of Vienna Salavatori in Doctor Who and has starred in her own (Doctor Who Spinoff) series Vienna, appeared in countless other films and television shows, and even produced and starred in her own film, titled Yesterday Was a Lie.

Masterson heads a charity called The Pop Culture Hero Coalition, and has been the champion to youth who are systemically bullied; this has become an epidemic and Chase Masterson, Carrie Goldman, and the United Nations, along with their tireless volunteers have made their voices clear: Stop the bullying now! There’s more . . . Chase Masterson is the first woman in history to host the biggest Trek Con in Europe, Fed Con!  Her dossier just keeps growing.  She also was featured in Agenda magazine’s first historical, monthly print issue, October 2017, not just talking about her iconic and longstanding career, but in the second half of her interview with Agenda‘s editor-in-chief Kaylene Peoples, she discusses the mission of The Pop Culture Hero Coalition.  Now . . . we are proud to say, that Miss Masterson is now representing Start Trek and the coalition once again, this time in Vienna!

Check out the Program at the (VIECC 2017) Vienna Comic Con$sp$xMasterson&startRecord=1#